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I love a good story. Don’t you? 

The sense of adventure, the unknown road, the magic of a local shop tucked in an alleyway. The driving force behind getting outside my comfort zone and adapting to frequent change adds a vibrancy to life that stretches far beyond cubicle walls. 

Nomadic Traysah is a project born of leaving behind a life mundane for a more meaningful experience through a passion for exploration, cultural immersion, and artistic expression.

My love for travel and adventure led me to explore from the vibrant streets of Lisbon to the serene mountains in the southwestern United States. I sought to immerse myself in the essence of each destination and embrace the diverse cultures I encountered. In 2023, I decided to live on my terms.

As I embark on new adventures, I remain dedicated to exploring, creating meaningful art, and fostering a greater understanding of the beauty in the world. As part of my journey, I found that the over-consumption of negativity did not contribute to my wellness. As you follow along, you will notice that most of the reading is low- to no-conflict. That doesn't mean that issues don't happen, it simply means I'm not dwelling on them. Minor inconveniences are a part of travel, and while it doesn't bode well to give a false sense of perfection, neither does focusing on what could go wrong.

Follow me, my dogs, and my partner Jamie on our many adventures, and share in our quips, joys, and fumbles of Airstream travel in the United States and a few international jaunts.


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